10 Infrequent English Words (With Pictures)

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English words are tremendous and immense. For non English-speakers, it is sometimes difficult to understand / remember them due to rare used in daily life. Here 10 sparse English words, which (maybe) you never know before.

1. A fortiori (a)

Used to express a conclusion for which there is stronger evidence than for a previously accepted one


The magistrate rejects all absolute ideas of justice, and a fortiori the natural-law position

2. Prow (n)

A The front of a ship or a boat above the water

B The portion of a ship’s bow above water


A With his hard nose protruding like a ship’s prow … he took to business as if it were war.

B The ship’s prow swung ponderously away from the Aurora Borealis, and her main thrusters fired to accelerate her away from the liner


3. Promulgate (v)

To make publicly known an idea

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